Affordable and Easy

We make it easy to hold your event. From corporate training to launch parties, Polygon is the place to be.

Audio / Video Technician

Audio/Video Tech

Want some help with the technical side of things? We can have someone there during your event to handle all the audio and video gear so you can focus on the show.

Setup and Staging

Custom Setup

We have several standard setups, but we understand sometimes you need something special to make your event a success. We can help by getting all the tables and chairs setup for you.


Catering Assistance

There are 17 restaurants within walking distance. One of them will be perfect to cater your event. We’ll help you choose the best option and arrange the catering for you.


Pre-Paid Parking

Planning an event that will be more than 2 hours? We can help you get a discount on a bulk purchase of pre-paid parking or valet for your guests.